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Inner Healing,
DID & SRA Coaching


Our Services


We pray for God to go into wounded places and pour His healing power to bind up your wounds.


We help you discover roots of oppression, helping you to close the door through repentance, and finally to bring healing to the trauma.  


Some have experienced more extreme trauma, causing fragmentation of the soul.  The Holy Spirit leads us to the root causes where the individual can be set free.


About Us

Free Esprit LLC is dedicated to seeing the manifestation of healing of emotions, minds, souls and bodies in peoples lives. We provide Healing Prayer Appointments, Counseling and Deliverance. We assist survivors in their healing journey from the deep woundedness of trauma, PTSD, abuse and ritual abuse. We follow the Holy Spirit’s leading inviting His transforming Presence in each Counseling and Deliverance session. Being stuck in pain or trauma is not God’s perfect will. We partner with Jesus Christ to set you free from captivity.  

Revelation Gateway Ministries is a place to connect people, ministries, resources and revelation for the healing and restoration of God's people and the advancement of the Kingdom of God. As such we are pleased to announce Free Esprit, LLC. of Edmond, Oklahoma is now affiliated with Revelation Gateway Ministries.

Dr. Patty Graham, founder of Free Esprit, LLC, has been a trusted friend and ministry supporter since 2016. She is a valued member of the intercessory team for Revelation Gateway and a highly skilled minister for SRA recovery. She is a graduate of the Minister's Advanced SRA Training Academy, and a respected apostolic ministry leader. Patty and her team of ministers now join with us to provide more ministry resources for healing and recovery

Kay Tolman

Revelation Gateway Ministries

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Free Esprit

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